Digital work instructions and extended reality

The VLAIO Coock project DWI4Manufacturing is nearing its end, and we look back on a period full of great results and valuable collaborations. But that's not all. Even after this project, we continue to put a lot of effort into research and collaboration around Digital Work Instructions and eXtended Reality (XR).

MAX-R: Innovation in XR Visualisations

A European consortium of research institutions and enterprises is currently working on the “MAX-R - Mixed Augmented and Extended Reality Media Pipeline” project. In it we are investigating new techniques for XR visualizations in large environments and efficient streaming of rich XR data. What does this mean for digital work instructions? Well, we expect that the findings from this project can also be applied in large environments. Think of instructions displayed via Augmented Reality in precise locations in production and assembly environments, or for maintenance purposes.

XR House: Customized Support

In our XR House, we offer further support to companies interested in using XR for Digital Work Instructions. With an extensive range of XR equipment and our expertise, we can offer customized advice.

XR house, FlandersMake@Uhasselt

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