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    1. Cookies are small text files that are installed on the hard disk of your device when you visit a website. Cookies make it possible that a website recognises your browser so that surfing on the website can be done swiftly and easily. They also ensure that your personal settings and preferences are saved so that when, for instance, you visit the website again, you no longer need to select the language. They also allow playing visual and audio material. Some cookies may also be installed by third persons, Google Analytics for instance, for measuring the use of the website (so-called ‘third-party cookies’).

    1. Flanders Make makes use of various types of cookies:

      • session cookies: these are cookies that save specific preferences during your visit to the website but disappear when you close your browser session;

      • permanent cookies: these are cookies that are permanently installed on your device or in any event up to the end of the pre-set retention period;

      • purely technical cookies: these cookies are required for the optimal functioning of the website of Flanders Make, to display certain graphic elements, etc.;

      • analytical cookies: these cookies are used to create statistics of the number of visitors of the website, the most popular web pages, etc. (e.g. Google Analytics);

      • tracking cookies: these cookies are used to monitor visitors of a website across the internet and, for instance, send them personalised ads based on their surfing behaviour.         

    2. The below table gives an overview of the cookies used by Flanders Make, the purpose of each of these cookies and the respective legal grounds.

    1. Cookies can be managed or disabled through your browser. Depending on your browser, you can do this through one of the following links:

    2. Please note that when you disable cookies, certain (graphic) elements or applications on the website may no longer work correctly or properly. 


Name of cookie Purpose of cookie Type of cookie Ow or third party cookie Retention period of cookies
wordpress_test_cookie A cookie that is used so that website visitors do not have to accept the use of cookies every time they visit the website session cookie own cookie  1 session
Hubspot cookies

Cookies that are used to analyse your surfing behaviour (a/o the pages that you visit) and personal preferences and interest for profiling purposes. Based on this analysis, Flanders Make can create joint user profiles that it can link to your personal data in view of sendig specific mailings and personalised ads (direct marketing) or offering specific content on its website. 

For more specific and technical information on this, we refere to the Hubspot website

tracking cookie third party cookie As for the retention periods of Hubspot, we refer to the Hubspot cookie policy
Google Analytics_ga

This cookie generates a unique ID allowing to analyse your behaviour on the site. We've choses to set Analytics in such a way that your IP-address is made anonymous. However we do use Analytics to set up advertising campaigns directed at people that visited the site in the past and to receive demographic information about our visitors. For this reason, we do not classify Google Analytics as a statistics cookie but as a marketing cookie.

marketing cookie third party cookie Expires after 26 months
Google Analytics collect This cookie is used to send data to Google Analytics about the device and the behaviour of visitors. Traces visitors on various devices and marketing channels. session cookie third party cookie 1 session
Google Analytics_gat This cookie is used by Google Analytics to slow down the request speed. session cookie third party cookie 1 session
Google Analytics_gid This cookie registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistics about how the visitor uses the website - third party cookie 1 session 

Some web pages of Flanders Make contain video content from YouTube. When you visit a page with a YouTube video or click to watch the video, YouTube may want to install cookies on your computer. Flanders Make has no say in the settings of these cookies. Go to the information page for YouTube videos for more information.

advertising cookie third party cookie  -
HotJar_HJINCLUDEINSAMPLE We use Hotjar cookies to analyse information about your surfing behaviour and mouse clicks. Please consult the Hotjar cookie policy for more information on these cookies.  tracking cookie third party cookie expires after 1 year
DoubleClick IDE DoubleClickis part of Google Analytics. This cookie manages ads on non-Google websites and is used to send personalised messages, promotion and ads and to make sure that your don't see the same ad twice.    advertising cookie third party cookie expires after 1 year
non-adjustable cookies These are mostly cookies that help a website to improve its performance by enabling basic features such as page navigation, recognition of language and access to secured parts of the website. Without this cookie, the website cannot run properly. - - -