Azumuta digitises shop floor operations at manufacturing companies with their industry-leading 4.0 platform

Azumuta digitises shop floor operations at manufacturing companies with their industry-leading 4.0 platform

With an integrated SaaS platform and mobile application, Azumuta digitises and eliminates the use of paperwork in shopfloor operations. By using the platform, companies redefine the interface between people and the physical shopfloor environment. This creates a culture of constant improvement and support where operators, supervisors and managers are connected to every aspect of production where pen and paper are unnecessary. 

Azumuta strongly believes that every shop floor can be kept in full control and productivity increased by making the right documents and reports available in all places.

To achieve this digital production environment, Azumuta relies on 3 pillars:

  1. Paperless Factory
  2. Data & Analytics
  3. IoT connectivity


The days of printing, distributing and updating Word documents, Excel files and messy training binders are behind us. Azumuta's connected worker platform enables paperless processes of all production activities, by implementing the following modules:

  • Digital work instructions: Through the tool, operators have quick and easy access to the latest version of work instructions anywhere, anytime. This way, all production data that used to be hidden in confusing paper notes and Excel spreadsheets are now centralised on one platform. Also, visuals ranging from photos to 3D drawings can now be added at each step.
  • Audits & digital checklists: Azumuta standardises audit procedures and checklists in a structured and secure way. These can be easily scheduled by supervisors and then followed up in real-time.  The system automatically pushes audit schedules to the relevant operators. This way, operators always know when and which audit they need to perform.
  • Training & competency management: Onboard employees more efficiently with self-study and on-the-job learning, easily track operators' skill levels and get instant insight into competencies and skills of your workforce.
  • Quality management: With Azumuta, ensure data integrity and traceability with automatic data collection, digital signatures and verification tests and product traceability reports.
  • Issue & improvement tracking: Operators can easily and quickly create tickets of problems and non-conformities on the production floor, collect them in a kanban system - assign who is responsible and follow up issues in a structured way using the improvement boards.

By replacing all paper with one central tool, essential information can be made available directly on the shop floor. The latest procedures are immediately available to all employees and departments in the company. Employees can access necessary documents by scanning a QR code on the spot, entering order information,...

A paperless shop floor saves time and money, keeps operations organised, ensures uniformity in production, and what's more, the digital way of working is good for the environment

IoT Connectivity

Azumuta helps manufacturers get ahead, developing software that makes tomorrow's factories better than today's. IoT data collection is the smartest way for manufacturers to increase machine uptime, reduce costs, and improve worker safety.

With Azumuta IoT Connectivity, organisations can collect data from various Collector Protocols such as OPC UA, MQTT, and REST API. They can also capture critical IoT machine sensor data and analyse production processes.

As real-time data on shop floor activities flows from various sources to the central Azumuta platform, leaders get a high-level view of end-to-end manufacturing activities.

A highly automated process shortens data collection time and reduces data entry errors. Collecting critical data during procedures also ensures the quality of each work order. Supervisors can thus identify problems in production before they occur on the shop floor.

This open, transparent architecture allows companies to integrate existing third-party software and hardware with Azumuta.

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