Expert class at Indumation 2024 for easy creation of digital work instructions

Expert class at Indumation 2024 for easy creation of digital work instructions

Fellow Bart Van Doninck will present an Expert Class at Indumation 2024 around the easy creation of Digital Work Instructions. The event, which focuses on innovations within the industry, offers companies the opportunity to keep abreast of ground-breaking developments.

Contemporary customers increasingly expect configurable product variants or even customised products. To meet this demand, companies need to deal with increased complexity in their production processes. These production challenges are reflected in the operators on the shop floor. Their job is to produce, but to do so they need the right expertise. However, this expertise is not always readily available, for instance because of a tight labour market, and it requires training to make operators familiar with the increased product variation and complexity. Obviously without compromising on quality and productivity in the process.

Digital Work Instructions (DWI) can provide a solution to these challenges, provided they can be easily implemented in a business environment. This requires, on the one hand, a DWI platform that can be sufficiently integrated into production, but also, on the other, that digital work instructions can be easily created and maintained. At Flanders Make, we have come up with something to address this.

In his Expert Class, Bart Van Doninck will demonstrate that it is possible to intuitively and semi-automatically generate instructions from the 3D drawings of a product. We developed our CAD2DWI software for this purpose. Using this software, you save a lot of time and prepare clear visual assembly instructions for your operators.

After generating the instructions, the user can then automatically export them to a digital carrier of his choice. This because of the standardisation used (B2MML format). This allows you to use tablets and smartphones as well as projection systems and Mixed Reality solutions such as the HoloLens or Quest 3, depending on your specific needs.

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